Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hack.Lu 2012 CTF Writeups

The folks over at FluxFingers put on a fantastic (and very challenging) competition that ran over the last few days. Unfortunately, it happened during the school-week so our team only managed to find a few hours each day to work on the challenges so we didn't get to solve them all. We will, however, post writeups to those challenges we did solve over the next few days, so make sure to check back as those writeups come up. Below are links to problems that with writeups.
   2. Zombie AV
   5. TUX BOMB
   7. Python Jail
   9. Braincpy
   11. Hidden
   14. Safehouse
   15. Secure-Safehouse (solved just after the competition ended :( )
   16. It's not scientific without LaTeX
   18. Zombie Lockbox
   19. Zombie Reminder
   20. nerd safe house
   21. Get the Tank
   22. Mini Zombie Business
   23. Spambot
   26. Big Zombie Business

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