Thursday, October 24, 2013 CTF 2013 : FluxArchiv[Part1] 400

So we have this program that creates an encrypted archive. We also have an archive that we are supposed to get the password for. Analysis of the program shows that, in order to check a password, it takes the sha1 hash of the password, scrambles it, hashes it again, and compares it to a location stored in the archive (beginning at 12 bytes in). We found the value stored in memory, and brute forced the entire thing using the following Ada program.

with Gnat.Sha1;
with Ada.Text_IO;
use Ada.Text_Io;
procedure Win3 is
   C      : GNAT.SHA1.Context;
   Result : String (1 .. 40);
   Input  : String (1 .. 20);
   Target : String            := "372942df2712824505d8171f4f0bcb14153d39ba";
   Try    : String            := "ZYXWVUTSRQPABCDEFGHIJKLMNO0123456789";
   Index  : Integer;
   for I in Try'range loop
      for J in Try'range loop
         for K in Try'range loop
            for L in Try'range loop
               for M in Try'range loop
                  for N in Try'range loop
                     C := Gnat.Sha1.Initial_Context;
                     Result := Gnat.Sha1.Digest(C);
                     -- FIRST HASH DONE, NOW SCRAMBLE
                     for Count in 0..19 loop
                        Index := Count*7 mod 20;
                        Input(Count+1) := Character'Val(Integer'Value(
                     end loop;
                     C := Gnat.Sha1.Initial_Context;
                     Result := Gnat.Sha1.Digest(C);
                     if Result=Target then
                     end if;
                  end loop;
               end loop;
            end loop;
         end loop;
      end loop;
   end loop;

end Win3;
key{PWF41L} Write up by albntomat0

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