Thursday, October 24, 2013 CTF 2013 : RoboAuth 150

This program is a simple binary that that verifies two strings that the user provides.  The first string can be found by looking at the memory address at the first compare statement at 0x00401B6C.
.text:00401B54                 call    scanf
.text:00401B59                 lea     eax, [ebp+var_143]
.text:00401B5F                 mov     [esp+164h+var_160], eax
.text:00401B63                 lea     eax, [ebp+var_157]
.text:00401B69                 mov     [esp+164h+var_164], eax
.text:00401B6C                 call    strcmp
.text:00401B71                 test    eax, eax
.text:00401B73                 jnz     short loc_401B8D
.text:00401B75                 mov     [esp+164h+var_164], offset aYouPassedLevel ; "You passed level1!"

Later in the program, it calls an int 3.  The int 3 forces the program to jump to the exception handler that had been set up.  Inside the exception handler, the program takes another set of user input for the second string.  The exception handler calls a decrypt routine.

.text:004015B2                 call    scanf
.text:004015B7                 mov     eax, ds:dword_40AD98
.text:004015BC                 mov     [esp+38h+var_34], eax
.text:004015C0                 lea     eax, [ebp+var_20]
.text:004015C3                 mov     [esp+38h+var_38], eax
.text:004015C6                 call    decryptCompare
.text:004015CB                 test    eax, eax

Inside the decrypt routine, each byte of a stored string is xor'ed by 0x02 then compared.  Settting a breakpoint at the "cmp dl, al" after the xor allows each byte to be extracted.

.text:00401558                 xor     eax, 2
.text:0040155B                 cmp     dl, al
The key, in the format string1_string2, was r0b0RUlez!_w3lld0ne


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