Monday, September 22, 2014

CSAW REV100 and REV200

Rev100 - Challenge consisted of a bunch of python files. Trying to run main failed on utils.pyc. Opening the file in notepad++ showed a link to, which had the flag as a comment,

# flag{trust_is_risky}

Rev200 - This problem was specifically noted as very similar to last years, which printed the key if a debugger was present. Inspection of the code shows a debug check, with producing a message box with no debugger, and debugger breakpoint otherwise.

According to the code, the pointer to the flag is incremented before printing. The same code block, this time without the increment was available, but never ran. Running both of these however, did not produce the flag. Thus, this was not the solution. The only other option was the function below, called after the debug breakpoint.

It appears to do some sort of decryption, but never prints. Examining memory shows the flag.



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