Monday, September 22, 2014

CSAW Recon 100 - Julian Cohen

Initially this challenge was extremely difficult to approach due to the lack of guidance that was given. The initial hint was "Figure out how to get Julian to go on a date with you." which honestly was more of a hint than we realized. This led to a number of people looking for interviews, both written and otherwise, along with scouring of his twitter and reddit to find if he had made a passing comment about dating him. Unfortunately all of this was off point, as a later hint was given that he had an OkCupid account. After an account was made in order to search the service, a couple of approaches were utilized in order to try and find him, since standard searches for his name returned nothing. It ended up being under the same name as his LinkedIn account, which was "TheJulianCohen", and in the description of his account, the flag was given: flag{julian_will_not_date_you_sorry}.

-- bobson, amazingsherbert

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