Monday, September 22, 2014

CSAW Exploitation 100

Exploit100 - bo

When connected to the challenge, the program printed out 

"Welcome to CSAW CTF!
Time to break out IDA Demo and see what's going on inside me.  :]"

So I opened it up in IDA and looked at the strings.

.rodata:08049300   00000016 C "Welcome to CSAW CTF!\n"                                               
.rodata:08049318   00000044 C "Time to break out IDA Demo and see whats going on inside me.  :]\n\n"
.rodata:0804935C   0000001C C "flag{exploitation_is_easy!}"                                          
.rodata:08049378   0000001E C "Unable to set SIGCHLD handler"                                        
.rodata:08049396   00000018 C "Unable to create socket "                                             
.rodata:080493B0   00000022 C "Unable to set socket reuse option"                                    
.rodata:080493D2   00000016 C "Unable to bind socket"                                                
.rodata:080493E8   0000001B C "Unable to listen on socket"                                           
.rodata:08049403   00000014 C "Unable to find user"                                                  
.rodata:08049417   0000001E C "Unable to remove extra groups"                                        
.rodata:08049435   00000015 C "Unable to change GID "                                                
.rodata:0804944A   00000015 C "Unable to change UID "                                                
.rodata:08049460   00000023 C "Unable to change current directory"                                   
.rodata:08049483   0000000D C "/dev/urandom"                                                       
.eh_frame:0804954B 00000005 C ";*2$\"                                                               

oh look, the flag



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